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Preventing Shootings After Layoffs or Employment Terminations


Demoted Executive shoots Chicago CEO

Demoted Executive shoots Chicago CEO

A senior level employee at a small Chicago company was reportedly demoted during a company downsizing earlier this week.  When he asked to meet with the company CEO, the man came into the building armed with a shotgun and then shot the CEO in the head and stomach , then shot himself in the head.  The CEO remains in critical condition. Demoted Executive shoots Chicago CEO The incident happened at ArrowSream, a firm which sells supply-chain management technology to large restaurants like Wendy’s and Applebee’s.  According to a Fox News article workers said they received emails from the building security at about 10 a.m. telling them there was a security situation in the lobby and to stay at their desks. 

Tips for Preventing & Diffusing Workplace Violence:

It is extremely important following a lay-off (downsizing), or in situations of workplace threats of violence that company employees do not allow former employees to return for meetings.  All communications should be conducted via phone or email.

If a former employee needs to return equipment such as company-owned laptops or cell phones ask them to mail them or send a pre-paid package to them. Sometimes company employees think that holding such meetings in public places are safer because they may offer a more “neutral” environment to meet.  This is a very bad plan!  Meetings offsite are never a good idea as this will place the public at unnecessary risk and provide a false sense of security.

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