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French police records breach by disgruntled employee

Earlier this month the details of 112,000 French police officers were leaked by a disgruntled former employee of French supplemental insurance provider,

French police officers

French police officers

Mutuelle Generale de la Police (MGP), according to the BBC and France TV Info. A spokeswoman for the French police union, Nicolas Conte, is reported to have commented that the breach “was extremely worrying”, and indeed it is. As most security professionals know, the most frequently asked questions in the field of security and due diligence are; “what could we have done differently”, “were there any red flags in the disgruntled employee’s behavior”, and “how do I prevent this from happening again?

In this case there was a failure in the due diligence process by MGP. One solution being to conduct employment screening and/or deeper level due diligence on key employees, something which we often advise clients to pursue.  It is not clear whether any action was taken when the company became aware of the disgruntled employee.  These aren’t trivial questions with simple one word answers, nonetheless in the case of French Security Services – they need answers and fast.

It is important to note that the files were uploaded to Google Drive and seem to have been password protected; the information appears not to have been accessed by potential harm doers.  At least that is the initial response; time will tell whether the information breached will be accessed and the security of these police officers may become


This news comes on the heels of a devastating attack on french police by a self-proclaimed jihadist earlier this month, which resulted in the death of two polices officers, Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and Jessica Schneider. France has been plagued these past few years by what seems to be an ever-increasing security threat and this latest news does nothing to allay worries about French security measures.




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